Leader Tech company offers CNC cutting. Along with the development of technologies, we constantly upgrade our machinery in accordance with our customers’ needs.

Kimla CNC cutter (2000x2000)

Our specialized CNC machines, equipped with oscillating knives, produce a wide range of components for all industries. Cut optimization using vector analysis makes the machine one of the fastest in the world. A dynamic vector analysis improves production capacity as the machine cuts fast and efficiently.

The machine is able to cut soft materials up to 6-7 mm thickness, including reinforced with smooth or perforated sheets (AISI 304, AISI 316). We can cut our or customers’ materials, including TEADIT gasket sheets with fillers: kevlar, rubber, cellulose, hypalon, PTFE, graphite, reinforced graphite etc.

SIGMA NEST software enables us to minimise the quantity of waste and to use the material effectively. We can use the rest of material at a later date.

Water Jet cutting machine (3000x2000)

obszar roboczy stołu: 3000x2000mm

Production of details to all industries from any material using water and abrasive. Perfect reapeatability and cutting speed make the machine really universal.

The pump with 50 KM power gives the opportunity of working to 4000 bar (max 6000 bar). 3500 bar is the best pressure for economic and effective work. That’s why there is no thing we can’t cut. We can break it down but surely we will cut it.

The machine has an an iron frame, Japanese electronics and Swedish software and these things make it the fastest on the market. We cut everything fast, cheaply and reliably without loosing the hardness of steel. Water Jet cutting is very effective because the quality of cutting different types of materials is the highest.

The only thing that is the limit is our imagination. Unique construction of the machine enables us to cut details of different sizes (they can be bigger than the machine table). We can cut metals up to 200 mm, stainless steel, hastelloy, black steel, granite, glass, ceramics, leather, gasket materials (every type), plastics (every type).

IGEMS is the leading waterjet CAD/CAM/NEST software. Operating the software is very intuitive and enables us to use the material efficiently. It is possible to calculate the amount of material that is necessary to complete the order. It also calculates the costs. Water Jet cutting machine are often used in a broad spectrum of industrial applications.


Laser cutting machine is the best option to cut different shapes of steel sheets fast and efficiently. It operates at ultra-high speeds and accelerations with high measuring resolution what makes the process of cutting very economic and precise.

It is easy to see the difference between Fiber Laser and CO2 Laser when you cut thin steel sheet (up to 8 mm). Making details by Fiber Laser Machine is much cheaper because of higher energetic efficiency that exceeds 45% (8% in CO2 laser) and higher concentration of energy that results from shorter-wavelength light.

Fiber Laser Machines are produced depending on the needs, in various constructions. The differences are between the degree of automation, the power of a source and equipment.

The advantages of fiber laser cutting machines:

  • very high efficiency of the machine – impressive ratio of the cutting speed to the power of the machine,
  • much lower costs of cutting in comparison to CO2 laser machine (up to 10 times),
  • you only need nitrogen and oxygen to cut,
  • less complicated mechanism in comparison to CO2 laser machine,
  • advanced antireflective protection allows cutting very reflective materials,
  • highly dynamic automatic head height adjustment,
  • liquid cooling provides stability and minimises the risk of damage to head and optic connector,
  • liquid cooling provides stability and minimises the risk of damage to head and optic connector,
  • optics selected for use with particular materials,
  • resonator doesn’t require mirrors regulation and gases supplying,
  • no turbines or vacuum pumps means lower operating costs,
  • laser beam is delivered by the fibre optic that is placed inside cable guides,
  • different versions of the machine – with one table or with automatic pallet changer,
  • the software has nesting option,
  • dynamic analysis of vectors provides high efficiency when you cut more complicated shapes,
  • on-line graphic visualisation,
  • low power consumption,
  • monolithic design provides stability and precision,
  • steel rigid construction doesn’t require laying preparation,
  • the machine operator is protected against radiation, following safe working procedures,
  • easy file import, also for customers who has different machines,
  • the price of fiber laser is comparable to CO2 cutting machine.

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