Industrial fitting renovation

Renovation works

Leader Tech offers services including repairs, modernisation and regeneration of industrial fittings.
We can provide services at the installation. In case of serious damage, that needs a complex and multi-stage technological process, we repair industrial fittings in our workshop.

Our company employs skilled engineering staff and experts of the valve industry who gained extensive experience by their long-standing work in the refining, chemical, petrochemical and paper industries.

Because of our technical equipment and fully up-to-date machinery, we are able to deliver a broad range of services, that are always provided at the highest level of quality.

Our repairs depend on the level of wear of different components and consist of restoring full functionality.

Our goal is to remove the faults that prevent the valves etc. from working:

  • regeneration of damages on sealing surface of the wedge, head, disk, seat) resulting from corrosion, erosion or mechanical damage.
  • replacing worn gland sealings: gaskets for valve housing, body and o-rings.
  • regeneration of metal-to-metal sealing.
  • regeneration of worn valve stem, thread, cylindrical Surface working in a stuffing box.
  • regeneration of threaded sleeve.
  • replacement of thrust bearings.
  • regeneration of the surface of the body and bolts.
  • regeneration of flange facing,
  • modernisation of the mechanical parts when it’s necessary.

We carry out hydraulic and tightness tests using modern machinery. We are able to eliminate all the faults in the fittings and we can guarantee its tightness and efficiency.