About us

Firma Leader Tech Ltd. is the official representative of TEADIT company in Poland. Our qualified technical staff provides perfect service and production of technical seals.
We have rich machinery and experienced dynamic team. We are also concerned with welding and the certificates we obtained confirm high quality of our services.
Moreover, we have the latest machinery to cut various materials (for example CNC that cuts with accuracy of hundreds millimeters).

Leader Tech is able to solve the most difficult problems connected with sealing industrial devices. We developed trustful partnership with our customers worldwide and we have cooperated with them for many years. We would like to present you our offer of collaboration with regard to sale and technical service:

  • gasket sheets
  • pre-compressed sealing materials
  • flexible graphite sealing materials
  • ePTFE products
  • elastomer sealing materials
  • insulation resistant to high temperature and technical fibres
  • sealants
  • flexible graphite sealing materials reinforced with fibres and inconel
  • technical glassware
  • insulation materials
  • engineering plastics
  • gaskets:
    • flat non-metallic gaskets
    • metallic gaskets
    • metal-jacketed gaskets
    • spiral wound gaskets
    • gaskets for heat exchangers
    • kammprofile gaskets
    • corrugated sheet metal gaskets
    • graphite gaskets
    • PTFE gaskets
    • envelope gaskets
  • technical service and manufacturing many details according to drawings or technical documentation
  • repeatability of production
  • producing in low quantities
  • quick service
  • repairs of pumps and industrial fittings
  • welding services
  • CNC cutting
  • water Jet (6000 bar)
  • laser cutting machine (6kV)
  • mills and cutter for soft materials
  • numerically and conventionally controlled lathes
  • mobile machine tools